Terms and conditions of hire

1. Each unit has an age limit. Please ensure that no one over this age limit uses the equipment. NO ADULTS are to use the equipment unless specified for adult use.

2. Do not allow young children on the castle at the same time as older children/adults. Keep the users within their own age group.

3. No food, drink or chewing gum allowed on or near the equipment.

4. No footwear (except socks), glasses, jewellery or badges are to be worn on the equipment.

5. No party poppers, streamers, face paint or silly string to be used near the equipment as they can stain the castle. Any damage found will be charged to the hirer.

6. No smoking or barbecues near the equipment.

7. No running or bouncing against the side or rear walls. This can cause serious injury. It can also cause camage to the castle. Should damage occur the hirer will be responsible for the damage and any other consequential loss (loss of revenue).

8. No climbing, hanging, somersaulting or sitting on the walls of the equipment.

9. A responsible adult must supervise the castle at all times when being used by children.

10. Do not allow the equipment to become overcrowded and group the children according to size.

11. No fighting, pushing, colliding or acting in a manner likely to distress other users.

12. No animals, toys or sharp objects allowed on the equipment.

13. Do not allow users to jump on the front step.

14. Children with health problems are advised not to use the equipment.

15. Do not allow children to tamper with the blower or electrical equipment.

16. In the event of strong winds (24 mph +), it is advised to switch off the equipment.

17. All persons using the equipment do so at their own risk. The persons/organisation hiring the equipment will be responsible for any damage to the castle or injuries caused to the users occuring from misuse or irresponsible/reckless use.

18. The hirer is responsible for any damage caused to the equipment whilst in their care howeverso occurring.

19. The hirer is expected to keep the castle in a clean condition whilst in their care. Should the castle be returned in a dirty condition then we reserve the right to charge a £20 cleaning feet.

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Terms and Conditions

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